OSB 75. Yıl Cad. Demirciler Sit. B Blok No:1 - Nilüfer / Bursa
Pzt-Cuma: 07:50 - 17:50
OSB 75. Yıl Cad. Demirciler Sit. B Blok No:1 - Nilüfer / Bursa
Pzt-Cuma: 07:50 - 17:50
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Otomotiv ve beyaz eşya dışında kablo gruplama yapıyor musunuz?
Ürün ve hammadde seçimleriniz nasıl?
Müşteri isteği ve tesisat gereğine göre seçimlerimizi yapmaktayız.
Is additional conduit required beyond what is installed in the ditch?
If the service is being supplied from a utility pole, the member is required to supply 1-10 section of SCH 80 PVC and 2-10 sections of SCH 40 PVC to be left near the base of the pole for installation by the power company up the pole.
Does someone need to inspect the ditch before covering the conduit?
Yes, contact the power company and a representative will come and inspect the ditch and conduit. The representative will place a white sticker on the meter panel with a pass or fail notice.
Is there a difference in meter bases?
Yes, There are three types. Overhead only, Underground only, and Overhead/Underground combination bases. However, combination boxes are not recommended for Underground installations because of their limited wire space.
Can septic lines be installed under power lines?
Can permanent service be installed if the house has had a ruff in inspection?
No, We will not set a meter without a final inspection or in some instances a non occupancy permit shall be allowed from the local electrical inspector.
What about outdoor lighting?
We offer a variety of lighting products including decorative colonial, cobra head, directional floodlights, and security lights. We can customize plans to fit any lighting need.
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